Rules & Regulations pdf
18-19-20 SEP 2020
International event
3 race starts
8 aid stations
12 control points
80 volunteers
500 max. runners
UTMB® qualifier

Rules & Regulations

Rules & regulation are a follow up of ITRA's ethical chapter that serves to make the race safe, fair and equal for all participants. Ohrid Ultra-Trail® is an internationally evaluated trail race that is organized by ITRA's criteria and safety standards.

This means that race routes are cleaned out of vegetation and marked at every 30-50 meters; at each 10 km there is a properly equipped aid station; mountain rescue teams and medical first respondents are covering all race routes.

Waiver of responsibility

By registering, the participant acknowledges that the competition requirements, legal order and rules of procedure are binding. These regulations serve the uniform and equal engagement in the sport and are non-appealable in a court of law. Their recognition and upholding are a prerequisite for participating in the event. Each entrant is responsible for the technical safety of his/her gear and must ensure that it is in conformity with the rules. The organizer assumes no liability for accidents, personal injury or material damage, theft or other damages!

Ethics chapter
Mandatory equipment
Race pack or running vest
Mobile phone fully charged and with  activated roaming
Water bottles or bladder - 1 liter minimum 
BIB number clearly visible in the front  part of the body
Trail running shoes
Survival blanket
Waterproof rain jacket - suitable for mountain weather
Windproof light jacket
Cup 150 ml. min.
Headlamp with spare batteries
First aid set (elastic bandage)
Long sleeve blouse or sleeves
Hat/bandana and gloves
Solid food, energy bars, gels
Trekking poles

National Park rules of conduct

Any outdoors activity involves some kind of impact or perturbation to the natural environment. Therefore, everyone enjoying it must consider actions to make it sustainable and to minimize its impact. In this regard, the Galicica National Park requests all runners of Ohrid Ultra-Trail® to always take into consideration the following points at any time:

  • Always stay on the track or path when running or walking. This helps keeping them open, as well as minimizes the erosion problems usually linked to making shortcuts.
  • Ensure that any food or drink wrapping remains inside your pockets or in the backpack after using it. Not littering will keep the paths free of papers, plastics or other trash, preventing the animals to eat them with the consequent intestinal problems.
  • Try to leave the mountain cleaner than when you found it. Pick the rubbish that you may find in your way (or part of it), and put it in the dustbin.
  • It is quite usual to find domestic animals on or near the path (cows, horses, sheep), observing with certain mistrust, particularly when young ones are present. Avoid altering them, slow your pace, take some distance from the animals and do not touch them.
  • Sometimes dogs accompany the flock, protecting the animals from bear, wolf or wild dog attacks. In this case you must circle around the flock (never cross it), avoid touching the animals, allow the dog to sniff at you and confirm you are not a threat, and continue walking at slow pace until getting enough distance.
  • Wild animals usually avoid human presence. If by chance you come across a wild boar, a deer or any other animal, you should stop and leave space for the animal to escape from you. To prevent a defensive action from the animal, it is not recommended to walk towards it.
  • Mountains have always been a convivial place. Greeting the people you come across helps maintaining a good atmosphere. Commenting any incidences we may have found along the way may be helpful to other users.
  • Moving our body also moves our intestines, which may bring the need to empty them. Please dig a small hole with your heel and defecate inside, then cover your excrement and any paper used with soil, leaves and rocks.
  • Raise your eyes from the track from time to time to look around you and fully enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Knowing and enjoying nature is the first step to loving and respecting it.
  • Friends and family coming as public or to provide support to runners should also be aware of this exceptional natural environment, which needs to be respected and protected. Please behave respectfully, for example by parking only in appropriate areas (never in non-designated fields), not littering, not being too loud, not trespassing on private properties, respecting the high grass fields, etc…

I have made several unsuccessful attempts to register/pay online. What shall I do?

This can mean one of the following matters: you insert wrong data, your credit/debit card is expired, you have insufficient amount in your account. Also, sometimes it is possible for your bank to automatically block transactions made to other (foreign) banks. Exceptionally rare is the web service to be updated or unavailable at that time so please try again in few hours time.
Otherwise, contact us at ohridtrail@gmail.com.

I got injured and I will not be able to participate in the race! Will you refund me the registration fee?

In the case of non chronic osteo-articular or muscular damage acquired after the registration, and not completely curable before the race start, and solely in this situation provided with adequate medical document, the organizer will transfer the funds for the next edition of Ohrid Ultra-Trail®. Also, you can give your bib number to another runner but he/she must be registered (not payed) latest by 07.09.2020.

I couldn't understand clearly the registration deadlines?

The first so called Early bird registration deadline begins on 10.12.2019 and lasts until 31.01.2020. The fee contains discount and race t-shirt gift. The second - Regular fee deadline lasts from 01.02.2020 until 07.09.2020 with regularly priced fee and race t-shirt gift. 
After 08.09.2020 registration and payment is not allowed for any race.

I am not able to come and collect my starter pack in the given periods. Can I take it on race day right before the start?

There will NOT be allowed start pack collection on race day (Saturday 19.09.2020)!
All participants must collect their starter pack in person by showing their mandatory race equipment!

I have registered and payed for one of the races but in the meantime I've changed my mind - may I swap to the other race?

If you are registered and had paid the fee and decide to change races, you must send the request by email to ohridtrail@gmail.com by 07.09.2020, at latest, specifying the race they are registered for and the one they would like to enter.
Going for a shorter distance does not trigger any financial compensation.
On the other hand, going for a longer distance implies the payment of the difference between the fee paid and the current fee for the new race (early bird prices are calculated as well).

Will I receive a monetary prize if i win one of the races?

The awards are at the discretion of the sponsor and the organization and according to the rules of the ITRA. Non-monetary prizes shall be awarded to the first 3 men and the first 3 women of each race. Each athlete who completes the race within the maximum time limit will be given a Finisher medal. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday 20.09.2020 at 12:00 p.m. at the finish line.

© 2019 Ohrid Ultra-Trail®
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