Ohrid Ultra-Trail® 107K


The Outdoor Sport Association TREX Skopje and the Association for Sport Activities SPORT ZA SITE - SITE ZA SPORT Ohrid - the organizers of the 2nd edition of "Ohrid Ultra-Trail®" - a partially self-sufficient, mountain trail running race in a natural environment, that takes place on 22-24 May 2020,

WELCOMES YOU TO Ohrid Ultra-Trail® 2020!

The registration takes place online by filling the registration form below and upon its successful completion an automatically generated confirmation email will be sent to the e-mail address that is declared in your registration.

The registration will be considered as complete after a successful payment of the race fee. After that, again, an automatically generated confirmation email will be sent to the e-mail address that is declared in your registration; at the same time a unique start number is assigned to your name.

Failure to complete the payment within the established time limits will lead to the annulment of the registration.

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Medical certificate is not required in order to participate in the races. However, the organizers encourage all athletes to obtain a medical certificate that declares their well-being and strenuous exercise capabilities for their own sake. Always consult your medical doctor before getting into strenuous physical activities. Regular annual check-ups in a relevant sports medicine institution are recommended for establishing your personal sport capacity (EEG, exercise stress test etc.).


By registering, the participant acknowledges that the competition requirements, legal order and rules of procedure are binding. These regulations serve the uniform and equal engagement in the sport and are non-appealable in a court of law. Their recognition and upholding are a prerequisite for participating in the event. Each entrant is responsible for the technical safety of his/her gear and must ensure that it is in conformity with the rules. The organizer assumes no liability for accidents, personal injury or material damage, theft or other damages!

Do you need help? Experiencing registration or payment issues?

Write us an e-mail at ohridtrail@gmail.com or message us at facebook.com/ohridtrail

Call us at +38971246423 (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00h.)

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